Hideout Coffee is a coffee shop with a maker space in it. So the brand is targeted towards sci-fi fans, cyberpunk fans, hackers, bio-hackers, transhumanists and makers. You can learn more about the brand and its visual culture in this Behance Project.

At first, I was asked to create a breakfast scene that would showcase the brand's products. I chose to go with a coffee bag, a coffee cup, 2 donuts and a plate. I created the 3D models in Autodesk Maya. And did the compositing on Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. 
An even shorter instagram version is below.
First, I created the breakfast scene in Autodesk Maya.
This is a direct render from Autodesk Maya. The brand's name was Nomad back then. However, after some brand naming exercises, I decided to change the name to Hideout, which reflects brand goals and culture better.
After finishing the render of the models, our professor asked us to create a short animation for the brand. And you've already seen the animations.
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