I have been assigned to create a "Companion" that will provide help with our daily lives. So, I decided to create a smart wearable device that will detect criminals while the user is walking on the streets. Users need to connect Detektor with their smart phones via Bluetooth to be able to use it.
Besides its camera, device holds a magnet to be able to stick to users clothes.
Before starting the project, I did my research to find precedents related to Detektor. After reviewing the precedents, I created my mood board.
Mood board.
After preparing my mood board, I wrote down some buzz words to make it easier to create a workflow for Detektor. 
Buzz words. Wrote down some technological features, systems etc.
It is time for some sketches. To visualize the device clearly, I started to sketch up some parts by hand.
After I sketched the device, I started to visualize the system map of Detektor to clarify the functions it has.
To be able to understand the possible users of Detektor, I asked some questions to a couple of people about their thoughts about certain technologies and aspects of life.
After the interviews, I created a persona to represent the target audience of Detektor. 
Now it is time to do the wireframes. I selected 5 screens to visualize according to their importance levels.
I designed the screens according to the wireframes. You can see them below.
To create the prototype I drew the device in Illustrator with the appropriate dimensions.
After that, I 3D printed the prototype. Only thing left to do is to paint the prototype.
As you can understand from my mood boards, I chose black and red as the main colors. My painting job didn't come out as I expected since I lack the experience when it comes to acrylic paint.
Finally, I prepared a single-page presentation for the product's app.
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